Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Moses spoke to me today

Moses spoke (audibly) to me today, and gave me a blessing.

Needless to say, it made my day.

First I heard his voice: deep, mysterious, intriguing.

Then, a few minutes later, when he appeared to me, and we continued the conversation that ended with a his spoken blessing over me; it was his engaging authority and compassion that struck me.

As well as his African accent.

And the Starbuck chai latte he handed me.

Don't call the men in white coats, or put me on TBN
(Those may be the same thing).

All that happened to me is the guy working the drive through window at the local (aren't they all) Starbucks greeted me over the speaker with "Hello, and welcome to Starbucks. My name is Moses, how are you today?"

From there on in, my brief encounter/transaction with Moses with the African accent was delightful. He was thrilled to learn I was a pastor-type, and when i pulled away, we grabbed hands, he smiled and offered a Mosaic blessing:

"Have a blessed day."

St. Arbucks indeed.
He also gave me further revelatory insights, I'll share the next week.

I need to go back and grab a photo of him to post.
Those of you in Central Calif, go meet him (Fresno; Blackstone and Barstow).

I think I tell this story for several reasons. But I will wait a week to tell them.
I want you readers to respond or tell a story about this story.

Or guess why it really made my day.

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