Friday, May 23, 2008

"weird ass gospel" and sympathy for Jesus

"We don't get up and tell the story. We just live in the story," says the guitarist.

."I was always in these bands where our gimmick was not having a gimmick. Frankly, that didn't work out so well. I think sometimes people want pomp and circumstance," says one of the drummers.

What's this?
A local newspaper covers a concert by a Christian band
(as if there is such a thing),

and the headline is:

"The Khrusty Brothers
bring their weird-ass
gospel to the stage"


Then there's the profanity:

The Christian market is prone to over-reaction when the lyrics are perceived to be offensive," Chaffer says. He notes that one distributor refused to carry Waterdeep's album What You Don't Know because it used the words hell and damn. (The band later released an edited version jestingly titled What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You.)

"The broader problem with broad swaths of evangelical subculture is dishonesty at an emotional level," Chaffer adds. "I was at a point in my life where I couldn't afford that. I had to get this stuff down."..

As a result, Chaffer freely uses words such as shitty and laid on the Khrusties' debut self-titled album. Released last July on iTunes and more recently on CD, the record offers 13 melodic indie-rock tunes with electronic infusions such as loops, sound effects and drum programming. Points of reference include David Byrne, Grandaddy, Sufjan Stevens and Brian Eno —

The whole shebang is a spiritual affirmation of sorts for Chaffer, who wrote much of the material in the wake of his parents' passing.

"I think my faith was reduced to more critical components," he says. "I cut some of the crap away. It's just real easy to be an American Christian and full of crap.

Tin Keel, pastor of Jacob's Well, says of this band:

To say that it is a "spectacle to behold" is an understatement. The concert is a piece of musical, conceptual performance art that is a freak-show of epic proportions - in the best tradition of Meatloaf/The Flaming Lips/KISS. To say that the music is amazing is...well, exactly what you'd expect from anything Don Chaffer is connected to.

All that's left to do is check out their song,
"Sympathy for Jesus" on the article page linked above.

"Cowboy Jesus/Sympathy for Jesus":

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