Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Other Crowder and Deconstructing Pentecostalism

Whatever we believe about the Lakeland/Todd Bentley move/"outpouring",
from it being a historic revival
to being "a curse from God aimed at your destruction"
to something in between...

Whatever your experience with experience junkies..

Even if you are a fullblown Binitarian or Bibliolater..

or Chuck Colson himself..

...one has to at least ASK of the movement connected to the "other" Crowder (John, not David)

"..what if
this is actually the Holy Spirit deconstructing Pentecostalism?!" (Mike Morrell)

Read Mike Morrell's post; grab a twinkie, and pray and ponder it.

Can't wait for John McArthur to get wind of this.
...Maybe he's busy in Lakeland..

...with Chuck.

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