Friday, May 30, 2008

"impossible to listen to and impossible to abandon"

Something about a Bible and religious scholar who can also talk good music.

His academic blog, "Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean" is here ,
and his music blog "Phil's Vinyl Addiction" is here.

Both rock a lot.

Both are Philip Harland.

He winks in the music blog:
" If you’re looking for the academic Phil, go to the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean blog."

That's not a split personality; that's just integration.

Doesn't every biblical scholar "get" Genesis and recommend Radiohead?
That would be a great world.

Wouldn't anyone (: realize that this incredibly insightful comment about RobertFripp's "Exposure" captures what we (should) feel reading the Bible?:

"both impossible to listen to and impossible to abandon, despite the torture"

That's just life.

Vote for Phil.

His PhD dissertation was:
"Claiming a Place in Polis and Empire: The Significance of Imperial Cults and Connections among Associations, Synagogues and Christian Groups in Roman Asia”..

...AND he knows that CCR's version of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" is the best.

That alone qualifies him.

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