Friday, May 23, 2008

Old Fart Finally Eats World...and Gets Ghost

I can't live with or without out music..
but I am an old fart, and not as in touch with all the stuff I need to be..
that's why I need resourcers like

Man,if it weren't for Ryan Townsend, I wouldn't have likely have heard of, or pursued:

..let alone Ryan's overdubbing band

And if might not have even met Ryan if it weren't for Facebook.
(And it was the other St. Ryan who got me on Facebook!


One band I have been meaning to check out is:

Jimmy Eat World.

I know you are laughing, Ryan.
Both Ryans.

Yeah, I also finally caught up with Wilco, another "new" band(:
I just got their Ghost..used.

All ghosts are.


I remember that David Crowder mentions Jimmy Eat World as an influence/favorite. A bit of research shows some debate as to whether they are Christians..debate the band intentionally won't definitively solve.

How cool (and C.S.) is that.

How about this song, "A Praise Chorus," which cleverly references ("drawing a fish in the sand"? or tossing a bone to believers?) "Crimson and Clover," which is basically Tommy James' conversion testimony....let alone addressing "Davey" (THAT David?)

And what a resource Fabchannel is, whole concerts on video. Here's a whole Jimmy gig:


  1. great post!

    i'm not even laughing at all, however... it's worth mentioning that my favorite Jimmy Eat World album is Clarity (by far their best work, there may be no better song from the 90s than "Lucky Denver Mint." Also, my favorite Wilco record is Summerteeth (try "how to fight loneliness" and "a shot in the arm) Also of note, Wilco and Bill Bragg reinterpret Woody Guthrie lyrics on Mermaid Avenue Vols 1 and 2. (Vol. 1 is better)

  2. A Ghost is Born is an awkward introduction to Wilco. I personally recommend starting with Sky Blue Sky, then venturing to Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Of course, it depends on the person.

    Also, I think only the drummer of Jimmy Eat World professes to be a believer. He produced two songs for DC*B. But I don't know that much about the band.

    I have not yet exposed myself to The Myriad, but I have been meaning to.

  3. You guys are so awesome...thanks for the tips..

    Yeah i bought Ghost first as i found it for 50 cents(:

  4. Mike:

    Wowm I just found out about Zach, the drummer for Jimmy not only being a deep Christian, but podcast host for one of my favorite pastors, Shane Hipps

    Here's Zach's blog:

    and Shane Hipps' blog:


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