Monday, May 05, 2008

Howard Synder's Four Offensive Words

Leave it to Howard Snyder to embed a prophetic word (four, actually) in passing, on page 142 (so the censors don't find it) in one of ("Decoding the Church") his many books.

How wonderful that a respected theologian, seminary professor and missiologist has announced it.

It is perhaps all i have been trying to say;
though it causes much consternation (and constipation) in folk who tend to hear what I am NOT saying.

Some will look at you as if you are from Mars, or hell, if you say this out loud.
Actually it's a word from Mars Hill; and from heaven; so it should be alright to say it aloud; and from the rooftops. It won't return void.

Four words that change everything about the church's

"All culture is religious."

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