Wednesday, May 07, 2008

story of my life in one photo

Photo:Jericho, 1995/ From top to bottom:Me, Kojak and his skilled driver.
Photo credit: I don't remember...Pastor Bob, my wife, St. June Vandergriff, or someone else wise enough not to try it themself.


"When you are old, someone will take your camel by the hand, and lead you where you do not want to go."
-John 21:18, tweaked a bit

Thanks to Steve Seamands, whose book on this biblical chapter has been a well I have drawn from for nearly twenty years.

See my review of the book here,
and while there, buy the book for its current obscene price of 67 cents!

PS. It hit me, that this much more recent photo of me is the same story..if the message is that by default we all head in the wrong direction..
sometimes needing the audible voice of God...or a d.j. to turns us around..

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