Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"unable to read because my throat is sore"

"There was probably no course that I looked forward to more than 'New Testament;' The Divinity School sometimes seemed so devoid of Christian spirituality that I thought the only place I was sure to find it was in the Christian Scripture....Maybe the most valuable lesson that (the professor) Bernadette Brooten taught me was that the New Testament was written to be read out loud rather than silently as we today might read a book......bringing the point home with a wonderful quotation from Cicero, who apologized to a friend for being tardy in responding to a letter with these words: 'Please excuse me but I have been unable to read your letter because my throat is sore.' "

-"The Search for God at Harvard," Ari L. Goldman, p.252

(the book reviewed by Theology Today)

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