Sunday, May 18, 2008

"i'm perpetrating this fraud right now"

Check out this post from Wabi Sabi..and see if you on any way relate to his problem/opportunity:


here's my problem. i am a deeply social person. i crave interpersonal interactions and connections more than anything. my unfortunately mobile lifestyle has put vast physical distances between myself, family and friends. i'm unfortunate enough to live in a day and age when we have convinced ourselves that digital communication is a substitute for real, human interactions. i'm perpetrating this fraud right now. keeping in touch with the past is a rose-colored ruse to convince ourselves we aren't alone. but every day that goes by i realize i'm more alone than the day before. the bigger problem is, i really hate people. i genuinely, deeply, truly hate people. i find the vast majority of humankind to be a waste of oxygen. most people are either willfully ignorant, willfully arrogant or willfully disrespectful. some manage to be frightful combinations of two or even all three of these. BUT. my faith demands ... (continued here)

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