Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God's voice took on white flesh

Scot McKnight says (p.44, "A Community Called Atonement") of the following quote:
"A book that troubles me more about my own readings of the Bible than any I've read in my entire life is Brian Blunt's 'Then the Whisper Put on Flesh.' Here are some of his words that sting me deeply..":

"That status of recognition belongs to the conglomeration of Euro-American scholars, ministers and layfolk who have, over the centuries, used their economic, academic, religious and political
dominance to rate the illusion that the Bible, read through their experience, is the Bible read correctly."
(emphasis added by McKnight)

I am aware that some will actually complain that Blount only says that because he's African American. Get over it!

Time for a temple tantrum that actually includes white folk for once.

Even (as white as I am) Christianity Today published " Jeremiah Wright, Evangelicals' Brother in Christ," and this piece by (whiter than I am) Gordon McDonald which connects Wright with (White)Falwell!

I am honored that Steve (pretty white) Porter, in his wonderful but misguided love for me and his mission to expose me as heretic says that I am "just like" Rev. Wright (read this).
Of course Steve has also posted that our church, meassured by our motto (he quotes our "church motto" we have never had or used) "out of vogue" (good) and "dead." (great, if defined as Capon delightfully does here) One member who had read that post said the other day at one of our unvogue gatherings, "Gee, everyone is praying and having a good time, no one leaves for hours, there is more life in the air than I have seen for years...gee, this is the most "alive" dead church I have ever seen").

McKnight (also white) also adds:

And here is Blount's stunning observation: 'The whisper of God's voice took on a white flesh.'
(Blount is the African American president of Union Theological Seminary).

It is easy to contend against sociopragmatic theories of reading the Bible, as Blount's is, and claim that they are biased. All readings, if truth be told, are located in a theological and socioplitical context.
And when McKinght..who has read more books than any white guy alive!...says that Blount's book "troubles me more about my own readings of the Bible than any I've read
in my

..that alone should send us to it.
We do want to be troubled, don't we?


"It's everything I wish I didn't know.." (1:34ff)

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