Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palestinian Christians, Bullet Holes, & Veggie Tales: Bishara Awad video

Here's a pic of me in Jerusalem with one of my heroes, Alex Awad, pastor of E. Jerusalem Baptist Church,and dean of Bethlehem Bible College.

BBC trains Palestinian Christians
(Amazingly, I have been basically told (by Americans)...even while at the school, surrounded by what God is doing there!...that "Palestinian Christian' is an oxymoron.


Even though it was only a few miles trip to come see me,
Alex never knows how long he will have to wait at the checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

He is that
paradox: a Palestinian Christian.

I aim to get my video from Bethlehem Bible College uploaded soon.
Until then, here is a link to someone else's video tour of the college,
and here are my other posts on the college:

  • that marvelous place that is routinely ignored on tours of Israel;
  • that Christian school with bullet holes in the sign,
  • that amazing place that houses the only public library in Bethlehem (it is worth it all to see the local kids watching "Veggie Tales" in Arabic there!)
Here's today's catch:
Below is an important "100 Huntley Street" (a Canadian Christian, those two words are not an oxymoron either! interview with Bethlehem Bible College founder/ president, Bishara Awad (who blew us away when he spoke at the church I pastored in Delano when a dozen of his Palestinian cousins who lived in the area showed up) , and yes he is Alex's brother...) on issues related to being Arab/Palestinian Christians:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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