Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mac's post from the Doghouse For the Spiritually Dyslexic
starts with this line:
"One hot topic in Post Modern circles is how to rid ourselves of the term "Post Modern". No one wants to be identified primarily by what they are not, or what they object to (unless of course, you are a Protestant, but I digress)..

and ends with:

We are not Post Moderns, we are Relationals. The universe is inherently relational, and as self-conscious and curious beings within creation we are too. It's why we care about the meaning of our lives, and how we relate to each other and this universe. It's why we have children and why love is so important to all of us. It's what lies at the core of being human and our questions about God's existence and what our lives mean. It's what we think about and dream about in some way every day of our lives and are trying to find answers to. Modernity gifted us with many things, but it is time to move beyond it's confines. There is serious and deep work to be done, and it is relational.

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