Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video: Hitler Finds Out U2 Tour Gets Postponed

On a serious note, keep praying for the Bonoman to stary down as long as he needs to.
For the two of you who don't know what happened,s ee
news video here:

BBC News - U2 cancel Glastonbury and US tour after Bono's injury

and Edge's wonderful video here:
The Edge on Skpe


  1. had tix and airfare for the show in denver. so bummed. god bless the bono vox!

    btw have u read his book length interview with michka assayas? its glorious

  2. yep, an amazing book!

    when is YOURS coming out?

  3. i thot i had a book. i was gonna knock off cs lewis and call it practically mere christianity: discovering christian doctrines by watching christians practice their belief. i had an outline & preface but the more i brainstormed and tried to write the chapters the more i found myself being very negative and i dont really want to waste anyones shelf space with anything that doesnt inspire movement so ive sorta canned it.

    any ideas?


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