Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alan Creech: We have finally reached our goal!" "Bull&@*t!

Excerpt from an article by Alan Creech:

'even though'

So, I could look at the experience of the people involved in our community, including my own, and say something like, "we still don't have the level of 'community' we need to have" or "are we still just 'going to church' but on Tuesday nights?"

...So, I will keep doing this. I will live in the tension of what is and what is becoming. That is not to say that I will be satisfied with the status quo. I will not. I will keep bugging us to move onward. I will teach and encourage and just keep being what I know we need to be. Hopefully we will all listen and get things together and go on. It is not an easy road, it really isn't. It is not always rejoicing and cool and awesome and totally sweet. It is sometimes pissy and frustrating and "what the hell?" and being tired of it. I will though, grab hold of the Grace I am given and keep on. May the same Grace be with you.

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