Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sinead on "dictating when God can come out and love someone"

On rescuing God from religion; "dictating when God can come out and love someone", etc..
video here


  1. TBH, I know you like her. (Not like that. You know what I mean.)

    But I have trouble trusting anyone theologically once they've come out and encouraged fellow Catholics to abstain from the Sacraments. If she really believes what a Catholic ought to about Sacrament, then doing that is nothing short of theological and spiritual irresponsibility that will directly impact the graces being received by herself and others. I didn't especially respect her before, but after I read that, I was done trying. My charity for her is as unlimited as I can make it; my charity for her (unique) ideas runs out when she starts leading fellow Catholics astray.

  2. "...I can make it..." should have read " I can make it when I trust in God..." so that's my bad. Everything else I said I stand by.

  3. Hi Dan...Yeah, i cannot imagine how a catholic would feel about her, and her quotes..she is such as contradiction. I don't think she's perfect, just like her music, and use her a s an example of honest, flawed Godhaunted people...she is clearly still recovering from what she experienced as mistakes and abuse in the Catholic church...

    Keep up the good work


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