Friday, May 07, 2010

"begins and ends praising God and everything in between is just life"

"the album begins and ends praising God,
and everything in between is just life"

-Eric Campazuno, on the "inclusio" of "MERCURY,"a classic album that you should already own...

..what if life just WAS just about "just life" (an unnitentional chiasm to add the inclusio...since many chiasm ARE unintentional AND ""chiasm arises from the life of God, and is played out in our lives").
Ask Pete Gall.


  1. This album remains one of my all time favorite albums. Along with the Violet Burning self titled album it makes for gut wrenching, honest, spirit-filled listening that is at the same time uncomfortable and comforting. Both come from a great time in my life. Cannot believe now that this album was released on a CCM label, would stand no chance of that happening now. As has been said here already, if you do not yet own this album, why?

  2. Paul...well don't you have amazing taste. Those two albums are of course in my top ten.

    have you heard the song MP of Violets and Eric of Prayer Chain wrote:



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