Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Glitch in the LooneyTunes LiminalVertigo Bus

The amazing scenery (5:55ff in video below) of the daytime portion of the helical (here pictured is an actual map of the road (:.....)ride down "Mt. Vertigo" in the Peruvian Andes does nothing to prepare you for the bizarre
"Am I on drugs, in a timewarp, or both?
scene of 6:08-6:20.

The juxtaposition of

-the maniacal music you hear (which played nonstop for a few hours, it seemed...even more bizarre than hearing "Blue Bayou" on the same trip.....see 1:25ff on the video linked here)

- the frantic flashing clock..........and

- navigating the majestic, manic Mobius curves by night makes one feel there has been a glitch in the matrix (or that the Matrix's Train Man must be nearby).

It was a kind of loopy liminal space...or Looney Tunes thin place ..

and thus one of my top ten unforgettable memories (somewhere on that list is what happened the next year at the very top of that road, video here).

You had to have been there...but just watching 6:08-6:20 may call to mind a good drug trip/bad Pink Floyd concert...or at least reading a Pickover book (upside down) at church.
Might even have to add the song tothe "Five More Mystical Songs" list.
No drugs required:


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