Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kristin Swenson: The Bible as Porn?

Excerpts from a blog post by Kristin Swenson
(Just noticed she translated Isaiah, Lamentations, and Numbers for The Voice

The Bible as Porn?


Atheist students at a Texas university are offering porn in exchange for Bibles arguing, “same diff.” Inflammatory, to be sure, but are they right? The Bible is indeed full of racy material, from its very first book on. Robert Crumb’s Genesis in graphic novel form warns on the cover that adult supervision is recommended. The Song of Solomon’s highly suggestive erotic poetry is inspiration for a line of Christian sex toys ...

and that’s just a wee sampling of the sex. But pornography isn’t just about sex, is it? There’s something more that makes it what it is… and so difficult to define. There’s

Wouldn’t it be nice to say that the Bible includes no such narratives, images, and invitations? But it does.

,,If we loose our grip on what the Bible can and cannot do, on what we allow that the Bible says and doesn’t say, then maybe we’ll witness the Bible embrace what seems pornographic only to assimilate and transform it into a mandate for the fully realized life for all beings in a family at home on this breathing earth.


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