Wednesday, May 26, 2010

poet =priest

"Poetry is a deep inner calling in man; from it came liturgy, the psalms, and also the content of religions. The poet confronted nature... See More’s phenomena and in the early ages called himself a priest, to safeguard his vocation. In the same way, to defend his poetry, the poet of the modern age accepts the investiture earned in the street, among the masses. Today’s social poet is still a member of the earliest order of priests. In the old days he made his pact with the darkness, and now he must interpret the light."
~ Pablo Neruda, Memoirs, Chapter 11 “Poetry Is An Occupation”)
Ht: Michael Kear
"Maybe the poet is gay
Let himl be heard anyway
May be the voice of the Spirit
In which case you'd better hear it"
-see this on Cockburn's line

More Neruda? see label below

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