Thursday, May 13, 2010

Online Video of U2 Pasadena DVD

Watch it online below while it lasts: this is actually an hour excerpt that was broadcast on Brazilian (I wonder if Pastorcito caught it) TV.

I still say it is a crime (if not a sin!..but it may be pardonable) that (of all songs) the opener, "Breathe," was spliced out. Everyone knows "Kingdom of Your Love", (the song that played over the sound system as the band hit the stage did NOT bleed into "Boots."
Don't rewrite history..that "Kingdom" into "Breathe" segue was brilliant!

Enjoy...and prayer for 50-year old Bono to get his 25-year old voice back for the upcoming 2nd leg of the tour:

"Get on Your Boots," "Magnificent":

"Elevation," "Unforgettable Fire,""Vertigo"

"Crazy (Remix)", "Sunday, Bloody, Sunday":

"Amazing Grace"/"Where the Streets Have No Name"/"Ultraviolet (Light My Way"):

"Moment of Surrender"(with the "God is mirror" rap)/
Outro credits "Beautiful Day" with a Trinitarian (?) "Three Friends" reference:

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  1. worshipped w them in dallas last yr and im going to denver to worship w them in june. beauty!


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