Sunday, May 16, 2010

subversive wiki-church

Hopefully the titles of each of these video clips from various church meetings of ours speak for themselves (:
..but I bet they'll need a little unpacking. (:

The basic idea is we ant to be a wiki-church. But part of the irony and paradox I live in is that too often I am "the guy up front telling everyone it's not about the guy up front."

So we love to deconstruct and subvert all that. It probably works best when I am not even there, or way in the background (see our "collage sermon" here. Some of my favorite episodes are when a visitor doesn't realize I am the "pastor" until far into the gathering.

Sometimes the best way to do this is to do something crazy and "unspiritual."
Or duende..

First clip: Wild Wiki-pictionary. At a lunch party, long after many had left, we got crazy (you know how parties go). Wild wiki-pictionary involves someone writing down a crazy pictionary idea (pirates eating spaghetti on the moon, Moses and David Crowder (in a tutu) wrestling in mud...the zanier or more convoluted the better) for someone else to draw, and everyone else to guess:
This time I was drafted to draw Tarzan's idea (he wasn't as hard on me as he was in Peru):

Here (we like to eat...we think Wolfgang Simson is right, see thesis #4 here)below, at a Denny's meeting Nigel (who is now studying art in Italy!) is given a prop, and asked to come up with a spontaneous (Spiritaneous) devotional:

Same day:

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