Sunday, May 02, 2010

Church Converted...into a Home

Thanks to Kathleen for sending this on..apparently a couple in England bought a church building and converted it into a home. PHOTOS below.

Here is an article that looks to be about this story.
I got a kick out of this:
When a church is no longer required, it becomes a ‘Redundant Church’ (a list of available churches can be found at Planning permission is normally required for a change of use, and listed building consent may apply. You will also need to submit your plans to the Uses Committee Secretary. If there is a graveyard attached to your church, the human remains must be removed and interred elsewhere, although if your plans will not disturb any graves the Home Office can grant an exception. Church conversions are zero rated for VAT.

If you fancy taking on an unusual conversion, then a house of worship really could be the answer to your prayers
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