Monday, May 17, 2010

Where did the rapture come from anyway?

First three installments of James-Michael Smith's "Apocalypse Now?" series embedded below (DVD coming soon)

1)Survey of the End Times 2)Where did the rapture come from? 3)Should it be "left behind?"


of course Christians will be left behind


  1. I'd just like to start out by revealing my predjudice; I'm not that big of a rob bell fan. He's a brilliant story teller. But his cool church guy glasses and his slick brand of church unnerve me (especially when he condescends the guy on the street corner with the tracts and megaphone). That being said I appreciate his historical background here. It does lend to new insight. But I'm wondering what his point really is. It's one thing to argue against the "rapture" but to relegate the book of Rev as only a pastoral letter from John isn't appropriate scholarship on any level. Rev points to a reckoning day. Hebrews is clear; we live as aliens longing for our home.

  2. Whatsup Andy.
    I don't think he ever says/believes Rev. is only a pastoral document addressing early christians and empire, without being ALSO a pointing to the ultimate end...but i will have to listen more carefully.
    Sermons like his are helpful as mostly we have only heard the ultimate end, and not anything about historical context


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