Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delirious moments

It's pretty bold, presumptious....or not.... for a human to say "Thus saith the Lord,"..

or as I once heard Martin Smith of Delirious say, "G0d says.."

I wish I still had the audio; it was one of those chilling spontaneous moments Delirious are well-known for.

How did he finish the sentence?:

" Me, I'm coming."

At least it wasn't "Jesus says he is returning March 12, 2102." (:

Which is why it rang true.

Sometimes the spontaneous moments sneak in a little Bongolese-ish glossolalia.
  • From the "Access: D" album, play 4:01-4:17 of "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever." Here, many hear Smith singing ecstatically in tongues. He is actually(also) singing in Spanish (I remember the first time I visited a Spanish-speaking Pentecostal church...i was never sure if they were singing in tongues or in Spanish..or both (:...)
  • From the same album, play 2:07ff of "Access D Part 6: Lord You Have My Heart." Dare you to transcribe it. Better yet, interpret it. Best yet, soak in it.-link

Sometimes they are instrumental "words." (see #3 here)

Here below are a few random samples of Delirious spontaneous moments
(BONUS: click here to hear our interview with Martin. ):

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