Friday, May 07, 2010

Smoke That Little Assassin Boy on Google

I posted as a twitter/facebook status:

"'smoke that little assassin boy'...(gee, i wonder how many of my friends will get that reference)"

If you google that phrase right now, you get ZERO results. Unthinkable! I thought the Google was omniscient...or at least knew good music!

A classic song, "Assassin Boy" (lyrics by Eric Campuzano of The Prayer Chain / Charity Empressa, and music by The Violet Burning's Michael Pritzl), and it's apparently that obscure... Time to change the google returns at least and at soon as I publish this post, there will be one return for that google search.

For some reason, the one place the lyrics are posted (by the writer himself) don't show up on Google..Here's the link with the
lyrics and a bit of the story behind the song (.
A great honest psalm...and thus some good spiritual warfare against the scratchy old assassin boy himself.

I think there were at least two versions is here..
and a short sample can be played/prayed in full here.

"Assassin Boy" Lyrics
Eric Campuzano:

I kissed them well
I tried so hard
He aimed so well
I was cursed and felled
By the assassin

I meant so well
I tried so hard
And failed so well
I was born to die broken hearted
Broken hearted

Before prayer turn to curse
Come down when the coast is clear
And bring us a bit of joy
And smoke that little assassin boy

He breaks our hearts
Cursed and listless
He breaks our hearts
Soiled and torn
When are you gonna smoke that little assassin boy?

Was I born to die broken hearted?

Take us back
From where it started
From your womb
Sing to us
The broken hearted

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